5 online dating ideas so crazy they just might work

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Written by AdminSeptember 18 ,2016192 Views single parent dating

Online dating has made the possibility of finding true love a reality for so many people. No more awkward bar pickups or cringe-worthy set ups by pesky relatives – men and women are now able to reclaim their love life and be proactive in finding their perfect match.

But for some people, having a straightforward profile on a leading dating site isn’t enough.

Here are five examples of frustrated singles who took measures into their own hands to up their chances of finding dating success online.

1. The Profile That’s So Unique They Can’t Look Away

Most people browsing through dating profiles will look first at the photo, and then at the heading or tagline – herein lies your opportunity to stand out.

Don’t be afraid to go over the top with your descriptions and taglines. Standing out is not for the weak-hearted.

The best we’ve seen came from one brave guy who used really strange job titles on his Zoosk profile, which included:

  • Clown fish therapist
  • Traveling VHS salesman
  • Tic-tac-toe professional

Clown fish therapist willing to talk you through your existential crisis.

Comedy gold! Not only does it show that this guy has a sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously, it also shows he isn’t defined by his career.

2. Go Viral and Secure a Spot in the Online Dating Hall of Fame

Some people put a lot of care and thought into crafting the perfect profile that reflects their personality and intentions. And others just reach straight into the absurd box and pull out whatever they can find. That’s because some people actually want to attract attention by creating such a ridiculous dating profile that it goes viral.

These online daters gained internet notoriety (for a brief moment at least) when their profiles were picked up by Buzzfeed for their hilarious and wacky answers to some common profile questions. Now, we’re not sure if this kind of press coverage led to a real relationship, but it definitely got them noticed.

3. Invent A Lovely Assistant To Maximize Your Efforts

For some, online dating is a pure numbers game. The more profiles you look at, the more people you message, the higher your success rate will be. One man took this to the extreme level by inventing a tool that swiped YES on every Tinder profile on his phone.

No carpal tunnel from swiping too much, no time spent reading profiles or looking at photos – from a purely numbers perspective, this guy was able to reach 900 women an hour. That’s a lot of potential dates! Check out the video below to see how he did it.

4. A Bit of Technical Maneuvering Will Go a Long Way

So this next idea might be a bit above the average user’s tech capabilities, but there are ways to trick a site’s algorithm to make sure your profile features more prominently on the site. Journalist Amy Webb was able to hack into Match trick the algorithm, and turn her profile into one of the most popular ones on the site. All of that maneuvering worked! Webb met her current husband on Match.

5. When All Else Fails – Find a Professional

Hiring a professional to tweak your online dating profile might seem a bit extreme. But in a world where first appearances are everything, it’s important to have a profile that will get you noticed and broadcast your best features.

eHarmony offers a “personal dating counselor” for clients willing to spend a bit more to find their perfect match. The site launched the higher end service, eH+ which, for a $5,000 price tag, provides members with professional matchmakers, “meant to spruce up profiles, screen matches and act as intermediaries for potential mates.”