7 real life online dating frustrations as told by our facebook users

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Written by AdminAugust 9 ,2016636 Views free online dating

The results are in. Couples who meet through online dating sites are happier and more successful than those who meet the more ‘traditional’ way. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of frustrations to contend with. After all, the path to true love never runs smoothly! If you’re signed up to any of the best online dating sites, you’re sure to find something familiar in our Facebook users top 7 online dating frustrations.

The Circa 2007 

Great photos are the first thing most of us notice when we’re online dating, and let’s face it, we’re all looking for physical attraction. But didn’t you say you were 31, and isn’t that a photo of your college graduation? One user made us laugh out loud with her impeccable detective skills. “If your daughter is 13… who’s the 4-year-old on your knee in your profile pic?” Zoosk has a photo verification algorithm to avoid exactly these kind of situations.

The Cliché

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven, angel?” Instant alarm bells ring for any seasoned online dater who gets a first message with more cheese than a dairy farm. Same goes for a profile filled with the same old clichés that could describe anyone. Looking for a girl with a great sense of humor who loves to travel. Seeking a guy who is honest, kind, and physically active. Raise your game a little! Why not try a profile with a personal story, or learn some cool facts to share in your initial messages with a new match?

The No More Mr Nice Guy 

“I see you gals complaining but most women meet a nice man who’s truthful-they don’t want him.” Ouch! This comment hurts a bit, as the truth often can! Could it be that sometimes the nice guys seem a little… boring? There’s something exciting about a bad guy, and the guy next door can be a lot less alluring. We see why so many men try to catch our attention with something a bit more inventive, even if it involves the odd white lie. This complaint from the fellas had me thinking twice about passing on the next Mr Nice Guy who comes up on my screen.


The Waiting Game

Spotting a hot guy or a sexy woman is an exciting part of online dating. Reading through their profile, you think of the perfect opener, and craft a funny and interesting first message to sweep them off their feet. But then… nothing. Waiting can be really tough, especially when you can see if the object of your affection is online! Solutions are out there though, and a ton of our users opt for online dating sites that offer Read Receipts on messages. This way, you know when to hold out for a response, and when to accept they just aren’t that into you.

The Euphemistically Speaking 

The most common dating frustration on Facebook has to be men and women who are liberal with the truth. Whether it’s your age, how much money you earn, your height and weight or your physical appearance, the comments are the same. “I’ve seen pics and [then] when I meet them they miraculously put on 30 lbs and 10 years! What, you didn’t think I’d notice?” Too true! What are the chances of meeting up, realizing that you’ve lied to me, and then us having a great date or relationship based on that? We’d have to say zero.

The Just Looking

Happily coupled up and ‘just browsing’ to see what fish are in the dating pool? Singles everywhere are less than impressed, especially if you don’t disclose this right away. Some sites actually insist you are single and ready to mingle before you sign up to the dating site for this exact reason. Even if you’re on a genuine hunt for Mr or Mrs Right, but you’re still legally married or involved with someone else, make sure this is clear in your profile, and disclosed before you meet in person. No one wants to be an accidental home-wrecker.

The Grass is Always Greener 

This might be the most frustrating complaint of all when online dating. You’ve been chatting for a few days or even weeks, and you’re ready to move to an offline meet. Suddenly, your crush disappears! They stop replying to messages, never seem to be online, maybe you even find yourself blocked. Unfortunately, online dating can be addictive. Some people prefer the initial ‘getting to know you’ to actually forming a relationship which has legs. Once they get past the initial chat, they spy another profile which looks hot, and move right onto the next.

Above all, stay optimistic, As our wise Facebook friends know, “Online dating can be a mess, but so can meeting a guy in the supermarket.”