how to spot a scammer 6 red flags to watch out for on online dating sites

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The world wide web is a hotbed of anonymity and that kind of environment breeds lots of opportunity for scammers. So when you go on a dating site it’s important to know how to distinguish between someone who’s genuinely amazing and someone who’s too good to be true.

Here are our 6 tips for detecting and avoiding scammers…so you don’t waste time with a faker and can spend more time finding the real deal.

#1 No Profile Picture? That’s a Problem

It’s really odd for a dating site member to not have a profile photo. An immediate alarm bell should go off when you come across an image-less profile. Most likely, the person is either married, in a serious relationship or has something to hide. Either way, it’s someone you want to avoid.

#2 No Information on a Profile

Coming across a profile with little to no information is definitely strange. If someone won’t take the time to create a comprehensive profile with lots of details, then maybe they aren’t serious about finding a match.

#3 Super Sexual Photos and Messages

Most online scams involve a photo of an unrealistically attractive woman sending highly sexually-charged messages to men. The main purpose of these kinds of scams are to lure users in with the unrealistic and improbable scenario of a beautiful woman completely putting herself out there. The basic rule of thumb applies here – if someone seems to good to be true, he or she probably is.

Zoosk has a way to combat the fake profile photo. Their unique Photo Verification tool matches a user’s profile photos with a selfie he or she uploads, ensuring that all members’ photos are accurate and up to date.

#4 Trashing the Ex

Everyone has a past. But speaking negatively about an ex – especially during the beginning of a new relationship – is usually a red flag. You don’t want to end up as that person’s next target of animosity.

#5 Let’s Meet Up – Like Right Now

If the person you are speaking with wants to skip the getting to know you conversation and asks to immediately meet up – their intentions are not always so pure. Stear clear!

#6 Bad Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

This just shows immaturity and a lack of effort. Anyone out of high school should know the difference between your and you’re.

How to Make Sure Your Online Dating Experience is a Safe One

Safe online dating begins at the dating site itself. Reputable sites such as Elite Singles pride themselves on their efforts to spot scammers and make the experience a positive one for all users.

Match also screens members against public sex offender registries, a great added security measure.

3 More Safety Tips for the Road

  • Do not reveal too much too soon. Keep all personal information (address, full name, phone number) off your profile!
  • Take advantage of your dating site’s internal chat system. Move over to email or texting/phone calls only when you feel comfortable.
  • Trust your intuition! If something feels fishy, there’s a good chance it is!

Always remember that when it comes to online dating you have full control – If you don’t feel comfortable in a situation, get out!