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Written by AdminJune 16 ,2016530 Views online dating site

As a young woman living in a busy city, I have no shortage of daily exchanges with the opposite sex. However, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how utterly irrational it is to wait for the universe to somehow gift me with a soulmate…not to mention how lazy it makes me. I mean, I put more effort into writing up my weekly grocery list. Shouldn’t something as important as true love require me to pursue it with the same passion that I commit to a tub of caramel ice cream at the end of a bad (or good) day?

It was primarily these musings that inspired me to try online dating.


To some, the phrase “online dating” brings to mind a slew of horror stories which range from the embarrassing to the outright life-threatening. To others, it symbolizes a kind of freedom and variety made possible only by the wonders of modern technology. I think I fall somewhere in the middle; I don’t think that online dating is definitely the way to go, but I don’t believe it’s a completely lost cause, either.

I’ve been in the dating scene long enough to remember the earlier Wild West days of online dating, when you barely knew anything at all about the person with whom you were trying to connect. So if you would have asked me for my opinion about online dating a few years ago, I would have dismissed it as a complete waste of time. In recent years, however, online dating websites have made tremendous strides in creating user-friendly platforms, and these advances have caused me to reconsider many of my earlier reservations about finding love online. Many of today’s dating sites, like Elite and Match, offer such comprehensive profiles that you truly feel like you’re glimpsing into each user’s life through their stated answers and preferences.

The Leading Lady:

I’m a female writer in my mid-twenties who drinks way too much coffee, reads way too much fiction, and never seems to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I’m equal parts empathy and sarcasm, which can make me an awkward, if not endearing, kind of flirt. I have had a couple of relationships that were definitely heading toward serious but never quite made it there. It may have had something to do with my past inability to be fully invested, or it may have just been my woefully bad boyfriend choices. Whichever it was, I find that I’m at a point where I’m truly ready to meet someone with whom I can share the rest of my life and explore the world. My blog posts will document my attempts to find him through the often-overwhelming world of online dating.