ladies 5 tips to get your dating profile photo to grab his attention and a couple for the men too

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Written by AdminAugust 17 ,2016336 Views Dating online

Online dating is all about first impressions – and first impressions are formed real fast (usually within 7-15 seconds). And so, a big part of finding success online is creating a stellar profile and wowing potential matches in those first few seconds. The photo should serve to lure in a user, the details are there to create interest, and then the chatting tools are there to hook em in.

Your profile photos should serve to tell a story about who you are and what you enjoy. Here are our five tips for attention-grabbing photos that are guaranteed to get you plenty of messages.

#1 Photos that show your adventurous side

Whether it’s a photo of you hiking, traveling the world or enjoying a book seaside, it’s good to have a photo that shows you in a foreign environment. It gives someone looking at your profile a bit of an insight into what you enjoy and what you do outside of the office.

#2 The closer the better

23% of people reported not contacting someone because they couldn’t easily see their photo. So make sure everyone coming across your profile can see your face. Which leads to rule #3…

#3 Avoid the group shots

Group shots are just plain confusing. Men don’t know where to look, they get distracted, and usually it takes away from your own beautiful self.

#4 Candid Photos are always a do!

Candid photos usually show more personality than static, posed photos. And it’s your unique personality that you want coming across on your profile. So be yourself and ditch the stiff photos for something a bit more spontaneous.

#5 Show off that smile!

When a man passes you on the street and tells you that you’d look prettier if you smiled you can tell him where to go. But when you’re trying to get someone to stop on your profile and take notice, a smile goes a long way.

And Now On to the Men!

We didn’t forget about you. All of the above rules apply to the male species, but we’ve also added a couple of special ones because we’ve seen enough profiles to know that too many men are guilty of breaking these sacred rules:

#1 Ditch the topless photos

You might have a great bod that you earned and sweated for at the gym. Congrats! But when a woman comes across a shirtless photo a few things usually run through her head – this guys a vain jerk who only cares about looks, he’s showing off or he’s probably not serious about a relationship and is just interested in hooking up.

It’s good to let women know you’re athletic and care about fitness – but a shot of you flexing in front of the mirror is not the way to do it.

#2 No photos with other women

She might be your sister or best friend or a colleague – but someone coming across your profile will most likely assume she’s an ex you’re not over or worse, it’s a current girlfriend you’re too lazy to hide. Stick to solo shots!

Ready to try out our tips and create a stellar dating profile of your own? It’s time to get online and find the dating site that’s right for you, so you can find the partner that’s right for you!