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Written by AdminSeptember 18 ,2016397 Views Dating online

Online dating is all about first impressions. And with so many people heading online for romantic pursuits , it’s gotten a bit difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Now we’re gonna assume you’ve read our advice article about how to create a killer profile and which photos to choose for said killer profile, so now all that remains is conquering the communication aspect of online dating.

Check out our do’s and dont’s below…and get that date!

DO… Make a Good First Impression

Many people make the mistake of sending a first message that’s short and general like “Hey” or “How are you?” If someone is getting a few messages a day from suitors, “Hey” is not going to be a message that stands out, and is not likely to get a response.

Instead, try sending something that shows your personality and can be used as an opener to get a real conversation started. A dater’s profile is a great place to mine for information to use for a good opener. It also shows that you’ve taken the time to actually read this person’s profile and didn’t just send a message based on the profile photo.

DON’T… Come On Too Strong

Confidence is a huge attraction to a lot of people. People are drawn to those who possess assertive qualities. But coming on too strong can usually have the opposite effect – turning people away real fast.

Dropping a sweet compliment like “you have a great smile” is appreciated, but taking it to the next level and saying something sexual or incessantly complimenting someone will not get you very far.

Another turn off is repeatedly messaging someone who hasn’t yet answered you back. If they haven’t answered because they’re not interested, additional messages won’t create sudden interest. And if they haven’t answered because they’re busy, be patient! No one wants to log on to their dating profile after a week away only to see five messages from the same guy.

DO… Find your similarities

Discovering what you and another person have in common is a great way to build a deeper bond that will eventually flourish into a healthy relationship.

A great way to up your chances of finding someone who shares common ground is to head to a niche dating site such as Elite Singles Professional Match are great sites for career-focused singles.

DON’T… Go too fast

It’s never a good idea to rush into anything, especially when you’re first getting to know a person. A lot of great dating sites such as Elite Singles offer their own messaging system, so there’s no need to exchange emails or phone numbers until you’re 100% comfortable. Some sites, like Black People Meet,even offer video and audio chat, a safe way to communicate if you’d rather talk than text.

DO… Keep at it!

Finding someone special enough to form a long term relationship with is a long process. You will probably not meet your dream partner overnight, and you probably won’t click with the first person you meet. But that’s okay! Just keep at it.

If you’re still not having any luck, and you’ve been on a dating site for a while, try switching up your photos, adding more details to your profile or expanding your search results.

But most importantly – don’t get discouraged! With millions of singles looking online for love, there’s a good chance your special someone is out there! You just gotta keep with it.

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