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When I first stepped into the online dating scene I turned to my friends with every little question I had – which photos to use, how to flirt (It’d been so long!) and to confirm any red flags I thought I saw. But one thing I was surprised to learn was how many of my friends had multiple profiles on different dating sites. At first it struck me as really odd – there’s not enough hours in the week to check out all the profiles on Zoosk, why would anyone need to add another profile on Match to up their chances of meeting someone? But then I started to understand the benefits of having multiple profiles on different dating sites – and realized it’s not just something for serial daters or playboys – and it actually led me to my current boyfriend.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Test out some flavors

Maybe you’re not sure what you want out of the online dating experience. You’re open to the idea of a long term relationship but also want the option of something casual. Using multiple dating sites can make it easier to focus on exactly what you’re looking for, even when you’re not really sure exactly what it is you’re looking for. So your profile on Elite Singles displays your serious side, Zoosk emphasizes your flirty side and then you head to JDate to appease your mother and create a profile highlighting your penchant for good looking doctors. Multiple profiles allows you to tailor your profile so you’re attracting the kind of person you want for that specific need.

Stack the odds in your favor

Online dating is a numbers game – it’s pretty rare that you’ll hit it off with the first person who messages you. Everyone’s experience is different, but on average women receive about 10 messages per day when they first sign up for a dating site. And out of those 10 messages maybe you answer only a couple. So if you’re the kind of person who waits for someone to message you it’s a good idea to sign up for a couple of sites – the more messages you have to read through, the more likely it is you’ll find the one worth responding to.

Different sites for different zip codes

In New York, Match is the most popular dating site. In California, Zoosk is where the singles are. So, if you want to meet someone local, you should use the top app in your region. But if you’re okay with long distance dating or if you’re just tired of dating the same old guys from your city, trying out a different dating site can be worth your time.

Go specific or go general

Niche sites like Christian Cafe, Black People Meet and Our Time are good if you want to cut through the crowd and head directly to the pool of people you think you want to date – whether that’s based on age, race, religion, etc.

If you’re really set on dating a certain person it’s nice to be able to head directly to where those people are – and ignore the noise and distracting chatter of a more general dating site.

But sometimes it’s also good to compare those niche sites to more general ones. Most dating sites have good filter option so you can pinpoint exactly who you want to date, based on lots of different factors.

Who doesn’t like options?

I have a favorite bar and a favorite coffee shop, but that doesn’t mean I go to them every day and night. Why? Because I like options! Too much of the same can make things stale and online dating shouldn’t be a stale experience. And multiple options can help keep things feeling fresh, even when you’ve been using dating sites for a while.

I’d recommend trying a short-term subscription to a couple of different dating sites, so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe it’s too much to juggle different accounts, maybe you find you like one site better than another. With a short-term subscription you can get the experience of dating on different sites without having to commit for too long.

When I signed up for multiple dating sites I used different photos and wrote different bios. All of it was the real me, but just packaged a different way. And I was really surprised to learn which one got more responses (apparently people really like photos with dogs) and seeing that helped me craft an even better profile, which has gotten me some promising dates!

Try your luck with different dating sites and see what works for you. I think you’ll be as surprised as I was.