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All online dating websites know how important it is to protect their users. If the members of their online community do not feel safe, they won’t use their services. Therefore, bulking up security measures to prevent online dating scams has been a huge focus and priority over the past several years. Site-wide security standards implemented by many dating websites have made major strides in ensuring members don’t fall victim to online dating scams.How To Protect Yourself From Dating Scammers

While technology can make your online dating a safer experience, there isn’t a better security measure than your own common sense and intuition. Always remember that if it’s too good to be true then it probably is. Three of our top tips:

  • Be wary of romantic interest from someone who says they can’t meet
  • Be suspicious of someone who always has emergencies
  • Don’t give someone money, or help him or her to access money.

If you follow these three rules, you will find that you can eliminate 99.99% of those looking to scam you.

How Online Dating Sites Are Protecting You From Dating Scammers

As a business, online dating sites know how important it is to protect their clients. Therefore, increasing security and thwarting catfishing scammers have become a major concern over the last year. Through implementation of security standards, many dating website are stepping up to ensure that their patrons are not being scammed.

Before we dive into specific safety features, it’s important to know that most of the major online dating players like — are members of organizations such as the Date Safe Campaign and the Online Dating Association. These organizations serve one purpose and one purpose only, to eliminate all online dating scams and to make online dating safe. Furthermore, there are governing agencies like the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau that collect complaints and hold these online dating sites responsible for any safety issues.

Cool Tech Features That Protect Your Profile


Zoosk launched their photo verification system that allowed their users to obtain a “Photo Verified” badge for their online dating profiles. After submitting a selfie video to Zoosk team members, a Zoosk account holder can prominently display to other users that, indeed, their profile picture is genuine and to be trusted. This badge allows others within the Zoosk community to know that, at the very least, your profile picture is an accurate representation of yourself.

This feature ensures that users aren’t being catfished by someone of a different identity, like male dating scammers using female profile pictures to create fake relationships. In addition, the feature guarantees that the pictures used in the profiles are current and depictive of how a person currently looks and not how they looked ten years and seventy pounds ago.


Starting in 2012, went back through their membership archives and ran background checks on all of their members. Also, as part of a new safety initiative, started checking all new subscribers against national sex offender registries and have dedicated resources to create a fraud department whose sole purpose is to weed out and deactivate fake profiles.

On the more practical side, Match created the MatchTalk, a feature which provides members the ability to call other members without disclosing their real phone numbers. That way, if the phone conversation doesn’t go well, you don’t have to be concerned with someone having your number.